Structural Steel

Structural Steel In Inverness

North Welders offers a structural steel supply and installation service throughout The Scottish Highlands & Islands to both domestic and commercial steel fabrication customers. North Welders normally stocks a variety of structural steel stock at our facility in Croy by Inverness and can supply and install throughout Inverness area and the Scottish Highlands & Islands.

  • Rolled Steel Joists RSJ's
  • H Beams
  • Channel Beams

What is Structural Steel?

Structural steel is a type of steel commonly used in the construction industry. It is shaped into the many components that make up a build, including beams, plates, anglesand more. It is a carefully regulated industry and one that must abide by many standards to provide the basis of safe and structurally sound buildings.

What is Structural Steel Used For?

Structural steel is mainly used in the construction industry in the form of structural beams. They provide structural support to buildings, while the web of the beam provides resistance to shear forces, such as breaking, tearing apart, or collapsing the flange resists bending of the section.

You will also hear them referred to as RSJs, or Rolled Steel Joists. This is a universal way to refer to I-beams. It references the method by which the beams were traditionally made, which is from one single piece of steel.

Conventionally, there are two standard forms of I-Beam: a rolled I-beam, formed by hot or cold rolling or extrusion (depending on material), and plate girders, which are formed by welding, bolting or riveting plates. While I-beams can be constructed of aluminium, we only use structural steel to assemble our beams.

You may also encounter I-joists, which are I-beams engineered with wood and fibreboard or laminated veneer lumber. This type of joist is most commonly used in residential construction. They are lighter and less prone to warping than solid wood joists, but they rapidly loss strength when exposed to fire. This can mean a partial or total collapse of the building that would not occur so readily with the use of structural steel beams.

We stock Universal Beams, Universal Columns and Parallel Flange Channels in standard sizes.

Our beams are measured according to height, width, and weight, with the first dimension, always being the height, the second the width and the third in weight/kg.

If we don't have what you need in our stock we can order it for you with deliveries arriving with us twice a week.

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